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Diagnosis & Tint Assessment

The Irlen Method consists of two testing sessions, a screening appointment by Irlen Screeners and Irlen Diagnosticians and a testing appointment for Irlen Spectral Filters by Irlen Diagnosticians.  There are yearly filter rechecks.

Colored tinted lenses provided by others are NOT the same as Irlen Spectral Filters provided by the Irlen Method.  Only certified Irlen Diagnosticians are trained to determine the specific frequencies to optimize performance from an almost limitless selection of filters.

Everyone’s brain is different.  Only Irlen Diagnosticians can determine the Irlen Spectral Filter which allows your brain to function properly.  This results in improved reading, learning, performance, attention, and well being.

Irlen Screeners are certified to administer the first testing session and determine whether an individual will benefit from further evaluation for Irlen Spectral Filters. With thousands of certified Irlen Screeners worldwide, only a few are listed on the website.  For a screener nearer to you, contact the closest Irlen Diagnostician.

Irlen Diagnosticians are certified to administer both testing sessions.  During the initial testing session, an individual is screened to determine whether wearing Irlen Spectral Filters will make a difference and the amount of improvement for reading and other academic activities.  In addition, during this session 12 other areas will be evaluated and recommendations made.  Only Irlen Diagnosticians are certified to test and determine your customized Irlen Spectral Filter, worn as glasses or contact lenses, and conduct yearly rechecks.



If the initial diagnostic screening is positive and a second diagnostic/prescriptive session to determine the exact tint is carried out, then the cost is likely to be about $620.00. This is made up of:

First assessment

$200.00 (incl. GST)  (At the end of this session you will know if the symptoms are present and if the coloured lens intervention will help. A coloured overlay is available to take home and try.)

Second assessment

$220.00 (incl. GST)


$200.00 or $180.00 if done within 18 months of last appointment. (incl. GST)


$200.00, plus postage.

Spectacle frames may need to be purchased separately. Other features such as an optical prescription or UV filters or fitting the lenses are extra.

As yet, Medicare does not cover any of the costs, although several private health funds are giving some rebate, particularly on the lenses.

Prescription lenses can be tinted provided they are made out of CR39 plastic, with no coatings or tints. Alternatively, our laboratory can make up the prescription as well.

A written report is issued with the lenses. However, as copies of reports are not kept, a request for a copy of the report at a later date could incur a smallcost.

Last modified on November 21, 2021