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Training Dates are flexible, and can be fitted in with participants' busy schedules.  Please complete an application form to indicate your interest in the next Screener Training Course.


To undertake the training required to become a certified Irlen Screener.

The screener training course is structured as follows:

Screener Training is a two day, or 10 hour, course. The course can be run as two consecutive days, or as one day followed by another in a months time, or as five evenings of two hours each. Participants get more out of the latter two models, as they have more time to practice during the period.

I'm sure that, by now, you have heard of the Irlen method of assisting people, especially children, with reading difficulties and perceptual problems. I'm sure, also, that you have formed an opinion about it. Here is an opportunity to make that opinion more informed and probably create extra income.