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I'm sure that, by now, you have heard of the Irlen method of assisting people, especially children, with reading difficulties and perceptual problems. I'm sure, also, that you have formed an opinion about it. Here is an opportunity to make that opinion more informed and probably create extra income.

During 2015, I will be conducting Screener Training seminars. At the conclusion of the training, participants will be officially recognised Irlen Screeners, with certificate, and will be able to screen for Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome/Irlen Syndrome (SSS/IS), and charge a fee for this.

There are three levels of involvement in the Irlen organisation. The first is at a pre-assessment level (Pre-Assessment for Scotopic Sensitivity - PASS). I can show you what's involved with this in about three hours and it is easy to administer - just follow the manual. The student ends up with a score and this indicates the severity. The only cost involved is $150 for the PASS materials and training. A typical application would be a remedial/support teacher checking out what learning difficulties a student had.

The second level is as a screener. The training for this is conducted over two days in a seminar situation. This is much more involved than the PASS level and goes into a deeper understanding and requires more skills (which are taught in the course). When conducting a screening on a student, there is a definite structure and procedure to be followed. The course costs $660 (includes GST) for the two day seminar and is based on the cost of the materials and time taken to train. As a screener you are entitled to charge $100 (plus GST, if applicable) for each screening assessment. If the screening indicates SSS/IS then the student would be referred to the nearest diagnostician. This level would suit a people in private tutoring centres, or a part time teacher, for example. Certain basic professional qualifications are required.

The third level is as a diagnostician; this involves assessing clients to determine the precise colour of the tint. This level can be achieved after extensive experience as a screener, provided professional qualifications are held.

Last modified on December 18, 2014