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Course Outline

The screener training course is structured as follows:

Day 1.

  • The Irlen Method. Facts and definitions.
  • How Discovered.
  • Populations which benefit.
  • Mind Body connections – stressors.
  • Research.
  • Training in administering the instrument (IRPS).

After Day 1 and before Day 2. (Or after Day 2.)

  • Screen 10 clients (try to do a couple of adults, and a couple of people who do not have Irlen Syndrome).
  • Complete at least some of the Screeners Questionaire.

Day 2. Date to be negotiated.

  • Review of practice clients.
  • Review of screeners handbook
  • Scoring and interpretation
  • Classroom modifications
  • Spreading the word
  • Web sites
  • Complete Screener Questionnaire
  • Complete evaluation form

The materials supplied are a substantial part of the cost of the course.

Materials include:


  • Screeners Folder
  • Manual
  • Tasks and Distortion Pages
  • Book: Reading by the Colours
  • Book: The Irlen Revolution.
  • 2 sets of overlays
  • CD Rom
  • 10 IRPS Forms.
  • Morning Tea and lunch.


Last modified on October 9, 2014