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When Reading Do You:

  • Find words blurry or moving?
  • Lose your place?
  • Experience eye strain or fatigue?
  • Need to re-read to understad?


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Irlen Syndrome has a lot to do with the vision system, but not with eyesight. In some people light interferes with the brain’s ability to process visual information. This is sometimes referred to as “visual perceptual difficulties” or “visual processing difficulties”.

When we see things clearly, it is easy to assume that everyone else does also. This is not always the case. Research tells us that 15% of the general population (and 50% of the reading disabled population) have moderate to severe problems with seeing print, people’s faces and the environment in a normal way. (See the distortions page.) This is often accompanied by eyestrain, difficulty focusing, light sensitivity, headaches or migraines, depth perception, inefficient reading, poor spelling, and a reluctance to write.
If you are unsure if the Irlen Method is for you, fill out the Self Test; a considerable number of “yeses” means we can help.

Latest News & Updates

Interview with Barbara from the Irlen Clinic in Buderim

Barbara was part of The Impact Program developed to help children that were troubled or struggling with poor behaviour to achieve better results she found that children that were sent to her office with poor behaviour were often students that were also having trouble...

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Dylan overcomes his learning difficulties

Dylan overcomes his learning difficulties

Kylie and Dylan are Mother and Son and they both wear Iren spectral filters. Irlen Syndrome is a visual processing disorder that is often hereditary within families. It is not uncommon to see extended family members wearing Irlen lenses. Approximately 10 to 14% of the...

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Irlen Glasses helping Sam study

Irlen Glasses helping Sam study

Macushla’s Tip of the Day – Facebook live from the Irlen Clinic in Buderim with Sam. Sam is studying at University and believes that having his Irlen Spectral Filters have made this possible for him to study. Sam noticed that his Irlen glasses help him to see clearly,...

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