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Kylie and Dylan are Mother and Son and they both wear Iren spectral filters. Irlen Syndrome is a visual processing disorder that is often hereditary within families. It is not uncommon to see extended family members wearing Irlen lenses.

Approximately 10 to 14% of the general population suffer from Irlen Syndrome which is caused by a sensitivity to a particular color in the spectrum of light that interferes with the message sent from the optic nerve back to the brain, creating visual stress, visual distortions, clumsiness, lack of spatial awareness, reading difficulties, poor concentration, irritability, migraines, headaches, seizures, poor concentration, anxiety, ADD sleeplessness, low self-esteem and more.

Each person experiences these symptoms in their own unique way and often by having lenses prescribed by a qualified Irlen diagnostician corrects these symptoms almost instantaneously.

Kylie shared her experience of having a son with Irlen Syndrome and how his coloured glasses have helped

‘Dylan was in grade one when he was put into a special learning support group as he was having so much trouble with his home readers.’

Dylan says he got the Irlen glasses and it helped with his work. Eight weeks after he was tested, his teacher called and asked Kylie for an interview because of the improvement with Dylan’s ability to read and write.

Dylan got his Irlen lenses and they really help him with his schoolwork, he was able to leave his learning support group and Dylan has experienced such an improvement at school he in the process of studying French.

Dylan also notices that he can see stairs clearly now where as before wearing his Irlen lenses he was unable to notice the difference in depth and perception with objects and he was not able to see the rise in stairs clearly he would often miss a step and nearly trip.

Kylie said when Dylan first tried on his Irlen glasses also known as dyslexia glasses, he went outside and saw the trees and nature, he was shocked at his ability to notice depth and perception and it was obvious the difference Irlen lenses made to Dylan’s vision and they have not looked back since.

If you or a loved one are suffering from any of these symptoms Irlen Spectral Filters may change your life.

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