Change Background:

Barbara was part of The Impact Program developed to help children that were troubled or struggling with poor behaviour to achieve better results she found that children that were sent to her office with poor behaviour were often students that were also having trouble reading and writing.

She became aware that there was more to this story and that awareness prompted Barbara was to look into becoming trained as an Irlen Screener and Diagnostician giving her the tools and ability to diagnose children with Irlen Syndrome and offer them the support they need.

Barbara has seen many children thrive after receiving their Irlen glasses and she shares her story about Ben a student at the local TAFE who was struggling with reading difficulties and writing difficulties and handing assignments in on time.

The local TAFE teacher a trained Irlen screener referred Ben to the Irlen Clinic, Ben found that his results rapidly improved and he became the top student of the year for his apprenticeship he went on to graduate and became a successful builder and later in his career went on to study at university to further his studies and back to wearing his Irlen lenses.

Iren Syndrome is a visual processing disorder sometimes known as visual dyslexia, SSS, or Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome that affects between 10 to 14% of the general population.

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