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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Master Irlen Diagnostician and President of The Australasian Association of Irlen Consultants.

Peter Freney began his Irlen Clinic 24 years ago and has screened thousands of children and adults that suffer from Visual stress known as Irlen Syndrome.

Peter spent 25 years as a school principal, he found that in years gone by that things were easier and less complex than the teaching environment today.

Peter believes that if a person is having a lot of challenges with reading difficulties and learning difficulties, it affects their whole life and that a lot of young children develop low self-esteem and children are experiencing anxiety as a pre-curser to depression.

‘As far as young students go, school is their representation of society, when a child is failing at school they feel disheartened and when they leave school feeling a failure, this can continue to build resentment towards society throughout their life.’

Peter shows a report that was conducted by the Grattan Institute that shows that 40% of students are disengaged. Peter believes that disengaged youth often stick together and sometimes move into criminal activity, this has a massive impact on society.

I asked, How can Irlen Spectral Filters help with a student with visual processing disorder?
Peter uses the example of auditory processing disorder where the hearing is fine, but the message is not getting through to the brain, and as a result, following instructions is difficult.

Peter says that there is a parallel condition called visual processing disorder. The eyesight is fine, but the message is not getting through to the brain. 70% of information taken in by the brain is visual, so this can be quite serious.

For some people, light sensitivity or an oversensitivity to particular colours in the wavelength of the light spectrum are placing stress on the nervous system meaning that things look different or distorted for them making it difficult to read.

This affects their self-esteem. Peter says that wearing Irlen precision lenses helps them to see clearly and this improves their ability to see and read improving their self-esteem and overall confidence.

Thanks so much Peter for your contribution to the world in supporting those with Irlen Syndrome (Visual Dyslexia) to thrive. I am an Irlen sufferer and love my Irlen glasses.

If you would like to book an Irlen screening go to or Phone 07 5445 2458.

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