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Macushla’s Tip of the Day – Facebook live from the Irlen Clinic in Buderim with Sam.

Sam is studying at University and believes that having his Irlen Spectral Filters have made this possible for him to study.

Sam noticed that his Irlen glasses help him to see clearly, he said when he looks outside the windows that angles and things look sharper and clear. Sam says that his Irlen Glasses help him to remain calm and that reverse parking and studying is so much easier it’s a dream, he also said he was getting really bad headaches before he wore his Irlen Spectral Lenses.

For viewers out there that may be struggling with light sensitivity, Sam encourages you to come to get an Irlen screening. Macushla also had visual dyslexia known as Irlen Syndrome and has noticed a vast improvement in her ability to write, see clearly and achieve mental clarity.

Irlen syndrome is caused by an oversensitivity to a particular light ray in the light spectrum. This causes visual stress for those with Irlen Syndrome. Some of the symptoms include feeling tired, irritable, restlessness, anxiety, headaches, migraines, seizures and reading difficulties.

If you or a loved one are struggling with these symptoms, Book your Irlen screening now at
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